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Sunday, May 5, 2013



1.  In what country was the previous Olympic Games held?
2.  Which is the odd one out: scurvy, dengue fever, rickets,
xerolphthamia.  Why?
3.  What is the surname of the celebrated Olympian swimmer
at the London Olympics 2012, winning numerous gold medals?
4.  Where on earth could we find Reyjavic?
5.  In what book of the Holy Bible could we find the rebuke of
David by Nathan on account of David's adultery with Batsheba?
6.  Who is the scientist who discovered cathode rays?
7.  What happen to the amount of oxygen in the air as one ascends
a mountain:  increase, decrease, remains the same?
8.  What is the book in the Scriptures which begins with, "I stand
at the door,..."?
9.  Is the Red Sea high in sugar, sodium chloride, mercury, aluminum
or aluminum nitrate?
10.  What is the title of the most famous poem of Rudyard Kipling?


1.  China
2.  dengue fever.  All the rest are deficiencies in vitamins.
3.  Phelps  (American swimmer)
4.  Iceland
5.  Samuel
6.  J. J. Thomson
7.  decrease
8.  Book of Revelation
9.  sodium chloride
10. If

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