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Thursday, September 19, 2013

BEYOND THE DREAM#Cynthia Abegail

Thanks to Forest Wander Nature
Photography for these beautiful
azalea flowers

(This is a poem full of emotion, dedicated to all of our valued readers.)

The day was full of laughter at the verge of the mount
Is that you, my love hiding beneath the sycamore tree?
I was looking the whole day long and I wish not dreary
Of sky that looms gray of dark clouds dim and bleary...

Sweetness of thine smile had faded, wander in the rain,
Something happened as the azaleas bloom along the lane---
Drenched in tears, the time has come --- you're gone!
I felt it ...fleeting yet crystal clear that there's someone!

Life is a mystery; once the dream has chased the skies,
The wisps of sunset of hues of crimson and purple pies
Of dew at dawn--roses and lilies that blooms that vies
In beauty as I tender the petals of reds that blights.

Beyond the dream, I knew it's not forever to bloom,
More in spring, not in winter nor autumn nor summer
Dahlias are all over, springing love from nowhere---
I will hide behind the azaleas; blues to bear where?

If you'll come back -- nay the doors are wide open!
Dreams will live in my heart by the bluish letter...
And melodies will ring, the symphony will rhyme
Beyond the dream, the azaleas O' pink will shine!

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