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Wednesday, September 11, 2013


Today is the memory of a tragic day in the history of our country. So many innocent people lost their lives for no reason. All of them were working in different places in many capacities. We mourn this day in their memory. Our thoughts and prayers are with them always.

Why do the people on this beautiful Earth hate one another and kill each other without any mercy ? From our childhood we all learn how to love. For many there is always a reason they find to turn against each other. What do we get in hurting or killing another person? There is no clear answer a murderer can give after the cruel act except a lie or a lame excuse.
We are one nation and our will to survive in any situation is unquestionable. We have had so many trials and tribulations in the past. There were so many occasions we had shown our great will that we are one nation and no one can even think to shake our willpower. America had gone through many wars, and some wars we did not want to fight but we were forced into to join the peaceful countries to save our freedom. We should be proud of ourselves that many wars we fought not only for America but for many countries of the world. We never annexed anyone's land.We fought for them and helped them to achieve their freedom. Many times for doing good things we were punished but we still loved the people of the world. No country in the world had shown as much love and mercy as we did. Every nation in the world is obliged to America in one way or another. People from other nations want to come here and live just for the reason that we are a great nation who love all and also they know that they can live peacefully. Our country has the best form of democratic government. We progress every day with new innovations and discoveries. At the same time we share our wealth and knowledge to other people in the whole world.
If anyone does not see what we Americans are doing for others, they are not seeing our goodwill. If they do not remember that our very hand helped them in many ways now they should not try to hurt us. No matter whatever problems ahead, we will surpass all and will lead without turning back.
We will survive as one nation with greater will power to encounter any future problems but we will adhere the principle to help other nations with our technological advancements, innovations which will also be shared among all the nations who need and also we will never forget to love our fellowman whoever they are, wherever they live.

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