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Friday, December 27, 2013


(We are happy to welcome Usha Suresh to the team of our esteemed writers.The following is a beautiful and meaningful devotional poem.Thanks to Ms.Usha Suresh for this first feature)

The Search for a Real God

I searched the Living God among idols!
I believed that they are the Real God!!
I prayed, fasted and done all rituals.
They didn’t hear my cry….
My cry from the depth of my heart….

I couldn’t apprehend that time-
Idols are silver and gold made-
By the hands of men!
They have mouth but can’t speak.
They have eyes but can’t see.
They have ears but can’t hear.

The Real God is in heaven.
He hears our supplications and longing for truth.
He is the Alpha and Omega-
The Supreme Power in the world.

At last, I taste the Real God.
Who had given His life for me.
He died because of my sins-
Not for me alone but for the whole world.
He has given his last drop of –
Blood for me and you.

Through His death, I have a –
Chance to enter eternity!!
Only by faith in Jesus Christ.
You have also a chance!
To enter heaven only by Faith in Jesus!!!

Usha Suresh

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