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Friday, January 17, 2014


Jokes Corner

The Awaited Break
John told his wife that he was offered a role to star with the famous James Bond. He said,"This is the break I am hoping for a long, longtime."Wife: That's great! Hillary will now have a chance to study in New York.John: Well, that's life! Sometimes you lose, sometimes you win.Wife: By the way, what is your role?John: I am going to be thrown in a marshland full of crocodiles. But do not worry, it will only be a few seconds!
A Neat Wife.
James could not help but just talk about her ultra-neat wife. He told his friends that everytime she drop something, his wife picks it up because she hates clutter. When he leaves the bathroom messy, she quickly organise and clean it up on the spot.Everytime he spills any liquid, she dries it right away.James: But there is only one thing that worries me.Friends: With a gem of a wife?James: Whenever I drop my wallet, she cleans it up!too!
Urgent Case
Husband: Doc, you have to see my wife right away!
Doctor: Is this really urgent?
Husband: She drinks milk about four times a day.
Doctor: What's wrong with that? Milk is nutritiousfor the body.
Husband: Yes, but she drinks it from the TV.any liquid, she mops it right away

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