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Saturday, January 18, 2014


Law of Karma – “Value Systems for Success”

Beware of Instant Pleasures…

One easily takes to carnal enjoyment; afterwards, alas, there is disease of the body. Although in the world, death is the ultimate end, even then one does not leave one’s sinful ways!
Although death is the ultimate end in the world, even then one does not leave his sinful ways. One pursues the acquisition and enjoyment even at the end of one’s life. Even when one knows that one cannot enjoy, the tendency to acquire wealth still does not stop!
Sinful does not mean criminal ways, but that the desires themselves are sinful. Sin is mental agitation caused by unfulfilled desires. Sin is not in the action, but in the reaction. When we talk about sin, we must understand that an action by itself is neither virtuous nor vicious; it is the motive behind the action that makes it virtuous or sinful. So long as your ideal is noble, the action does not matter. Even the apparently sinful actions are still regarded as virtuous. Often the end justifies the means.
“Value Systems for Success” By M K Angajan
There are two eternities that can really break you down. Yesterday & Tomorrow. One is gone and the other doesn’t exist…So…My Dear Friends…Please do not forget to live yourself during the GOD gifted beautiful life…otherwise when you realize that you have forgotten to live running after the material world, it will be too late…so..Live Today...Live happily…enjoy the GOD gifted beautiful life

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