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Tuesday, January 28, 2014


St Catherine had resisted temptations of the flesh.  As a Dominican
warrior, she was at war with these vices.  It was written that Christ appeared
to Catherine and said, "Because you have , for love of Me renounced all
worldly joys and desires, I have resolved solemnly to keep My betrothal with
you and take you for My Bride in faith."

Christ put a golden ring on Catherine's finger , saying:  "Fear nothing, you
are shielded with the armour of Faith and shell prevail over all your enemies."

Catherine of Sienna.file.jpg (public domain)

                                      (free encyclopedia)

Thereafter, Catherine took care of a leper, named Tecca.  When Catherine
went to Tecca's house, she could not stand Tecca's foul stench of odour so
she went out.  Yet, with determination, she reentered, washed Tecca and
cleaned her room, too.  Catherine sacrificed for Tecca daily, yet Tecca still
spread lies about her.  On the other hand, Tecca repented before her passing
away from this world.  Nobody liked to approach Tecca's corpse, so Catherine
"dug Tecca's grave and buried her with her own hands."

In addition, Catherine regularly visited prisoners and consoled those condemned
to death.  She won these souls for God---she spend nights praying for them!
What a remarkable saint!  St Catherine of Sienna died 29 April 1380.  "She was
proclaimed Doctor of the Church by Pope Paul VI."

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