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Thursday, January 16, 2014


As we know, everyday so many machines and scientific advancements are emerging. Now a Biotech machine can decode DNA in just one day !! It has been reported in various news today that a biotechnology company has announced that it has developed a machine to decode an individual's DNA in a day for $1,000 which is very useful in healthcare. Life Technologies corp said that it was taking orders for the machine, whcih it expects to deliver in a year. This company is in Carlsbad, California. Some famous institutions have already placed the orders, according to the company. Another company, Illumina of Dan Diego has also introduced a new technology to decode an entire genome in about 24 hours. These machines are called sequencers, allow the scientists to identify the arrangements of the 3 billion chemical building blocks that make up someone's DNA. The price tag of $1,000 is affordable and hope this machine will help so many people to decode their DNA and get help if needed. Thanks for the new machine.Now the 'Personalized madicine' may become more popular with the introduction of this new machine.
(Republished from 1/12/12) ***** Genome sequence will be a part of our health in the near future, we hope.(New World)

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