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Friday, February 7, 2014

ESSENCE OF TIME: Cynthia Abegail

Time is elusive, it never waits,
It eludes the grasp at its shade
Flows smoothly as sunset shift
Evening came, as morning lifts.
Time is precious like a garnet,
Treasure for the joyful or late
Utter joy; consoling or prudent
Usher a beginning resplendent!
Seek to grasp the essence of time...
A wisdom that sparks even at dark
Gem -- great value acts as if a lark
Of such fame; all watch and mark.
Sonata of dawn, O' love abounds
Beyond the time, beyond reasons
Time never miss, of zeal and fire
Never was it late, essence of time!
The tempest may come, at a whine,
The calm surmounts lo' as it shine
The river may overflow and align,
Time never waits, but heart binds!
Days may pass and weeks gone by,
Time surpasses the sea at the rye---
It leaps and fly, no man can stop,
But heart captures wiles of time.
Time never comes back and roll,
It's perfectly attuned on the goal
It never looks back, even at dull,
But heart seizes essence of time!
That's the essence of my love,
It never ceases to gaze or see
The canopy of roses in bloom,
Bundled my heart just in time!

All rights reserved**
Cynthia Abegail


Mary said...

Dear Cynthia

This poem awakens us to the importance that should be attached to Time. Beautifully penned!


CynthiaAbegail said...

Hi mary,

Thanks for the lovely comment
about my poem.

You're so generous of heart.
Best regards!