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Monday, February 17, 2014


Law of Karma – “Value Systems for Success”

Develop a mental occupation with the Self within..

If you bring a piece of iron near a magnet, the magnet attracts the iron. If you were to replace the iron with a piece of wood, you will find that the magnet does not attract the wood piece. Now tie the wood piece together with the iron piece and bring this combination near the magnet. The magnet will attract the combination. In this case, though the combination gets attracted to the magnet, the wood piece remains unaffected.
Similarly, each one of us is a necessary combination of spirit and matter – the Self and the body-mind-intellect and ego equipment. Since you constantly identify with the equipment, you become one with the body, mind, intellect and ego and when the world affects the body, the mind, the intellect and ego, and then you feel you are affected. But the truth is the real YOU within remains unaffected.
However, this does not mean that spiritually developed person does not experience joy and sorrow. He also goes through the favourable and unfavourable experiences but they do not affect him. He is not affected by the fluctuations in life.
The message of the scriptures or any religion, therefore, is nothing but the shifting of one’s focus of attention from this world of perceptions, actions, emotions and thoughts to his inner Self, the Soul. Shift your focus from the vehicles of body-mind-intellect-ego to the Self within. You gradually liberate yourself from the thralldom. You gain freedom from agitations. You become liberated.

“Value Systems for Success” by M K Angajan

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