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Wednesday, February 26, 2014


I am a lady of twenty years of age and I am doing a practicum in Environmental Science.
I selected the town of Almsbury, Cottonwoods as my place of practical study.  As I pass by
the 14th century Abbey, I notice a conspicuous well.  It was almost dry, maybe about
5 liters of water left.

It is not at all summer.  Actually, it was a rainy autumn.  I wondered why the well is almost dry.
I am joyful because this is a fantastic thesis in my final course.  Well, is there a leak, below the
limestone that is wedged between the water and the deeper soil.  My investigation starts tomorrow!

I am blessed to have a headmistress of the dormitory where I would stay for about three months.
Her name is Clarisse, a fifty year old spinster at Almsbury Lodge.  She is quite pretty, so I wonder
why nobody had noticed her.  After 15 minutes, now I know.  She has that fiery temper that I
thought I would back out at the last minute.  But, I remembered my thesis!  Patience is a virtue.

The next day, I visited the well again.  It just rained last night, but the well has now only
a liter of water.  I was puzzled, what!  This defies the law of logic!  Suddenly, I saw at the
farm so many lovey-doveys.  They had a display of illicit, repulsive lovers.  I guess this is not
really an ultra-modern place but definitely rural.  Later,  I walked further...I saw many young people
injecting a clear liquid into their arms.  What, are their drugs here?  Early dusk, I heard some
rattling music.  We'll, there is a music festival.  But my eardrums almost broke because of the
heavy music.  It seems not normal, and when I peep...they seem to be worshipping a different
god, not my God.  Weirdo!  I went out near the well.  Although it just rained in the afternoon, the well
was fully dry, not a moisture!

With a bit of  reasoning, now I know!  The water did not seep to the soil.  There is a relationship
On the level of water with the quantity of sin of the people.  Why would the well becomes so dry
when The Lord provides all the water?

Simple but clear!  It is only a symbolism...God provides for all, provides rain or shine for the
Good or the bad!  But the well is a symbolism of the welling of life from God.

It will only contain water commensurate to our faith on Him.  The more we trust in Him and avoid sin and repent if we do, the well will be fuller.  The moment we forget our Almighty God,
the well could not contain His glory.  For God's Spirit fully abides in those who love Him
To those who trust in Him.

Oh, that is why He knock on the door alway.  If we let Him in, He comes.

Well, I changed my thesis..."How does the transpiration in leaves affects the lives of the insects?"
Done! C

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