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Sunday, February 9, 2014


1. Who is the most recent Spanish sensation
in the world of tennis?
2. Is lapiz lazuli a type of pencil, glue, stone
or boulder?
3. This place is an opal-mining town where
many of the inhabitants live underground for
protection from the very hot summers and cold
winter evenings.
4. A very famous icon was painted on wood by an
eastern artist. It was placed in St Matthews church.
The icon was saved by Brother Augustine during
Napoleon's invasion of Rome. What is the name of
this icon?
5. Who was the inventor of steam engine?
6. What is the name of the sea between Turkey and Greece?
7. Alexander the Great is one of the greatest conquerors in
world's history. One time, he tried to untie a puzzling
knot. Losing patience, he struck the knot with a sword.
What is the name of this knot?
8. Who is the prophet who reminded David of his sin regarding
Uriah's wife, Batsheba?
9. The laws of motion are important principles in Physics. Who
proposed these laws?
10. What is the title of the film whose lead actor played the role
of a rugby player?


1. Rafael Nadal
2. stone
3. Coober Pedy, South Australia
4. Mother of Perpetual Succour
5. James Watt
6. Aegean Sea
7. Gordian knot
8. Samuel
9. Isaac Newton
10. Love Story

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