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Saturday, February 1, 2014


1. What is the title of academic award bestowed to a
university graduate with the second best achievement?
2. What do you call this class of fats that comes mainly from
animal products and fried take-aways?
3. Who is the mother of John the Baptist and cousin of
Blessed Mary, the mother of Jesus?
4. Ferdinand Magellan undertook a voyage to search for spices
but their ship rediscovers Philippines. Who is the chieftain
who killed him at a shore of a Visayan island.
5. A talented actress starred in "Bright Star" as the love interest
of the famous poet John Keats. What's her name?
6. When a person worry too much about his or her health, we
call that person ___________. This person imagines that
he/she is always sick!
7. What is the name of the volcano that erupted in Indonesia
that spews tons of ashes and lava to great distances?
8. She is a poet of great passion. One of her poem runs...
"How do I love thee? I love thee to the breadth and height...
Who is she?
9. The Pearl Harbor in U.S. was attacked by Chinese, Russians,
Japanese, French or Korean? (World War 11)
10. Cleopatra of Egypt was reputed to be of an outstanding beauty
during her time. Her love interest is Julius Caezar. True or False?


1. Magna cum Laude
2. Saturated fats
3. Elisabeth
4. Lapu-Lapu
5. Abbie Cornish
6. hypochondriac
7. Krakatoa
8. Elizabeth Barret Browning
9. Japanese
10. False, it was Marc Anthony

Clincher questions:

11. What is the capital of Bulgaria?
12. What is the colour in the Book of Revelation
that symbolise decay?

12. pale green

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