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Thursday, February 6, 2014


Tomorrow's technologies promise amazing future,
 by Dick Pelletier
    Scientists predict future technologies will bring enormous changes in our physical and mental abilities. By as early as 2035, some say, we will live in powerful disease-free, bodies with nanobots roaming throughout every cell maintaining optimum performance levels for all our daily activities.
    Nano-enforced bones and polymer muscles will provide us with powerful bodies almost beyond belief. With enhancements expected during this era, we will possess abilities to outrun a horse, jump from the ground to a one-story roof, and on command, focus our eyes to view creatures as small as microbes. Neuron improvements will provide even more abilities. We will control lights, security systems, and electronics with just our thoughts; and even perceive objects behind solid walls.
    Many of these abilities are a long way off, experts say, but none thought to be impossible. Some will require upgrades as newer, faster, more efficient versions hit the market. This will be a pleasant activity as we search through all the possibilities to select upgrades that offer the greatest benefits.
    Our new brain will process information from many sources, including messages from family, friends, and business associates directly from their brain to ours. Could this system be abused? A possible date might send a 'virus' that turns on your pleasure center with the mere mention of their name; or more dangerous, a criminal could send a 'worm' instructing you to transfer funds to his bank account.
    However, positive futurists say not to worry. In this technology-rich future, anyone with potential to become a wrongdoer could be 'brainwashed' into becoming a law-abiding citizen. And on-line security experts at Secure Science Corporation believe the diversity of the human brain, combined with tomorrow's quantum computing world, will make neuro-hacking extremely difficult, if not impossible.
    To turn this 'wonder future' into reality though, it could require lawmakers with enhanced minds to create intelligent regulations for controlling these new technologies. However, many future watchers believe this vision will happen, and each of us will enjoy more control over our lives. We will see unimaginable new cultural, social, and economic systems appear; and our lives will bear little resemblance to today's crude living. Are you ready for this future? I know I am. Comments welcome.

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