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Thursday, February 6, 2014

WORLD OF WISDOM: Love Gives Birth to Life by Ken Bible

Love Gives Birth to Life

By Ken Bible


One God, one life, one love;
One heart and mind and hand;
From love He brought a world to birth,
And from himself, a man.
Two lives, one love, a child;
Two tiny, helpless hands;
And parents gladly spend themselves
To pay all love demands.

For love gives birth to life,
Through joy and sacrifice.
Our Father freely gives Himself
To pay its precious price.
If love gives birth to life,
O Lord, let love arise
And fill our days with faith and praise
And joyful sacrifice.

Let love give birth to life.
Our sin, His Son, the cross;
The jeers, the nails, the pain;
His dying love released a life
That death cannot contain.
Yet still they groan and die
And never know You care.
Through us express in tenderness
The love You long to share.

-Forwarded by Thomas Philip

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