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Monday, March 10, 2014


Tamar is a quiet, reserved daughter of a merchant marine and a
secretary of a government office. She is now at a tender age of
twenty one, blooming like a lovely lily in the field. Her parents
always dreams of the best for her future. On the other hand,
Tamar showers her parents with overflowing love and kindness.

Everything seems to get well with this family until one bright day,
Tamar met Roger, a thirty eight years old engineer who just arrived
from Qatar. Tamar was uneasy on their first meeting although her
heart seems to jump all places. Roger is just on holiday from his work
at a recognised oil exploration company.

Tamar rang her best friend, Salome that he met a very kind and pleasing
man whose name is Roger. Salome asked her, "Is his surname Santos?"
Tamar replied, "Oh! Yes and please keep this a secret, Salome. I really
like him." Salome said, "But..." Tamar butted, "No buts, Salome... He
is the man of my dreams!" Since Salome could not interrupt because
Tamar just talk and talk about Roger without pauses!

At night, Tamar just could not sleep until 3:00 am. She said to herself,
It is just exciting to be in love. All I see is his face; does he think about

The following day, here comes Salome rushing to her. She said, "Tamar,
before you proceed any further from your wildest dreams, listen to me!"
Tamar said, "Here you go again, you never approve of my fascinations."
Salome replied, "This time it is for real, Roger is married and has a son."
Tears rolled from her eyes. Tamar sobbed, "Salome, tell me that you
are just joking." Salome replied, "It is true, I will never lie to you.
I attended their wedding three years ago. Tamar asked to be alone
for the day!

When Mum arrived, she noticed her bulgy and watery eyes. Her mother
asked her, "How's my big baby, anything wrong?" Tamar replied, "Mum,
it's alright, this will pass. Then suddenly, Roger arrived and greeted
both of them. He said, "I did not realize that Tamar was only a toddler
when I saw her but now she is a beautiful lady!" Tamar blushed.

In her mind, "I really like you, but ..."
That night, she was crying almost all night.
"Why is it that hearts are fickle?
They sometimes beat for the wrong person."

By 1:00 am, she resolved not to see him again just to forget. She sobbed,
"I really love him and I am almost dying now! But I do not like to offend God
my family and others. Goodbye Roger! It is painful but I have to do it..."

After a year, slowly her feelings wane a bit but she did not really forgot him
totally. After another year, he met Fernando, a new doctor in their town.
He wooed her and later, she fell in love again.
After her wedding, she took time to pray, "Thanks God for the strength and
graces you have given me all these years."

All rights reserved: Cynthia Abegail

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