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Tuesday, March 18, 2014


(Plenty of Jokes to laugh from our distinguished writer Cynthia Abegail )New World
Mrs. Reyes is a down-to-earth thrifty woman. When her husband
died, she inquired about the price of ad for obituary.
Ad person: $ 50.00 for five words.
Mrs. Reyes: Could I just place an ad for two words only?
Ad person: I am sorry but 5 words is the minimum
Mrs Reyes: (Pondering) Alright, so that it's value for money,
place this ad, please...
The definition of love becomes complicated from generation
to generation. Love is an unrevealed fire, a soothing agony,
an agreeable suffering, to sum it up --- a gentle death.
Amazing... before, it is only ... "Love is blind." only!
This is a scene from a slum in inner suburbs. A child rushed to

his mother...
Child: Mum, is there any food?
Mother: Please look at the fridge, my son...
Child:We don't have a fridge, isn't it?
Mother: Therefore, we don't have food; A little
common sense, please!
Mental Patient: (called the mental hospital) Hello! Is there any
person in Room 137.
Customer Service: No, why?
Mental patient: I am just checking if I have really escaped!
James: Dad, did'nt you say you are going to give me $150.00
if I pass Physics?
Dad: Yes... Why, did you pass?
James: Good news, Dad... You are not going to spend $150.00
Boy: We will not proceed with the wedding.

Girl: But why?
Boy: Because of your brother!
Girl: But my brother has nothing against you. He
likes you!
Boy: That's the thing! I like him too!
Girl: OHH!!!
A scene from a tourist spot of a Third World country...
A traffic policeman spotted a man speeding ...
He intercepted him and took his details:
Officer: Name?
Foreigner Driver: Wilhelm Van Pavlov Slocovic...
Officer: Ah, alright (keeping the ticket)...
next time, be careful, okey?
Three executives were given three months to live.
They were told by the executor of will that they
can have anything they liked.
The Frenchman wanted a trip to Venice with
a lovely woman. The second executive was an
Italian and wanted a cosy evening with the Prime
Minister and the Pope. The third one was a
millionaire. He requested for a opinion of
another doctor...

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