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Thursday, March 20, 2014

GOD'S SMILE: Quote From Poet Tennyson: by Molly Samuel

(The following quote is from the great Poet Tennyson and sent to "New World"
by Molly Samuel through our Editor Sr. Elsie Baby. The following quote is very important in our lives. If we can project our spouse's face as God's , what a difference it will make in our life!! What about an adversary's face ? The whole world will come to a great change with peace and love !!!."New World" enthusiastically welcome Molly Samuel to our Publication and we thank her for this valuable contribution. We hope also many more features from this respected writer.)George Kurian for New World

Once the poet Tennyson made a comment about his wife to his friend .
when I look at my wife when she is sleeping I can see God's smile on her face .
Her face looks like an Angel.
Her face is showing her belief in her heart.
I can see God's glory on her face.
Wow !! May God help us to have the same smile on our face even when we sleep.
Let us delight in Him.
Let us lead a life that is worthy so others can see God's smile on our faces.

The Quote sent by Molly Samuel
 and forwarded to "New World" by Sr.Elsie Baby

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