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Sunday, March 16, 2014


History’s New Luxury Address Rises On Roxas Boulevard

Roxas Boulevard, the premier gateway to the country’s seat of power, has welcomed hundreds of presidents, heads of state, prime ministers, kings and queens, and other dignitaries during official visits to the Philippines. The boulevard has always been an integral part of the nation’s history, and will remain so for centuries to come.

There is, however, a stretch of Roxas Boulevard that is most coveted, and thus commands a hefty premium in the Philippine real estate market. It is the portion starting from Rizal Park southwards up to where Manila Yacht Club holds fort. This is the Roxas Boulevard, the original Dewey Boulevard, without any land reclamation towards the sea.

Offering a sweeping view of scenic Manila Bay, Roxas Boulevard is also home to some of the most important landmarks in Manila, including US Embassy compound and the Yacht Club. In the earliest days of Dewey Boulevard, the first high-rise structure in the area was the Admiral Hotel, which became a veritable beacon for ships and seafarers entering the Bay.

The hotel, which started as the Admiral Apartments, was the ‘in’ place for Manila’s elite during the pre-war years, and hosted dignitaries like General Douglas McArthur and Lord Mountbatten, among others. It was heavily damaged during World War II but survived, a testament to its solid structure and foundation. The Admiral Hotel quickly regained its esteemed position after the war, and continued to be an important landmark throughout the Commonwealth up to the 80s, until it was shuttered in the early 90s. It was acquired by Anchor Land Holdings, Inc. from the Lopez-Araneta family a couple years ago.

Source: Manila Bulletin (Vol 457 #16, 22)

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