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Thursday, March 13, 2014


"A Holiday of my Youth"
I have lived most of my life in the city, so when Dad told me that we are going to have a holiday in his native province, I jumped with joy. I was not able to sleep the day before the trip because I just love to meet Jelly, my cousin who befits her name; a real sweet lady who laughs at the top of her voice, as Dad usually mentioned to me. When Dad and I boarded the ship Princess of the Orient, I did not realize that this will be an experience of a lifetime. In the evening, our ship was tossed by dangerous waves near El Natividad. They said many ships had already sunk on this part of the Pacific. I told my father, "I am so dizzy, Dad and I am scared!" Dad hugged me with assurance, "The Lord will take care of us." For several hours, our ship looked like a paper boat tossed by gigantic waves." At last, by dawn, the sea quiten just like a babyon a deep slumber. In the morning, we arrived by the city but we still have to travel by bus to my Dad's hometown. I enjoyed the scenery by the window; banana palms dancing and swaying with the gentle breeze. The mountains are towering; so green unlike the barren mountains in our place.As we arrived in Sta Maria, here comes my vibrant cousin, laughing with all her might! Jelly is the favorite niece of my Dad. "Oh, Mary Rose, how you have grown at only 15 years!" She spoke English because I could not understand much of the dialect. After lunch, she brought me to the beach; with sand so white and with sea water so clear you can mirror yourself. We swam to our delight and by sunset, I already like to sleep! I am already on the nipa bed when suddenly, sweet male voices seems to come from below the window.Ah! they were singing songs and I thought, "They sing carols early here!" My cousin, Jelly patted me and said, "Get up by the window and smile.' I said, "But why on this night, I am so sleepy." Jelly replied, "It is a tradition here, that when a maiden arrives, the boys serenade." I said, "Oh dear, I am not even a maiden yet!"Jelly snapped, "That's what you think!" I went to the nipa window and we opened it with a long stick." I said to myself,'It is like Romeo and Juliet in a rustic area!" Suddenly, my grandfather who is already about 100 years old woke up and threw coins by the window." Jelly and I exclaimed, "Grandpa, they are not beggars!" Then we entertained them for a while. The following day is a fiesta and there is a dance. Well, I love to dance so that's it! I wore my pretty red dress and I look forward to meet many friends. The dance already started when we arrived. I danced with Jelly's friends; suddenly, my eyescaught a teenager, tall, dark and really handsome! He was looking at me and I felt some strange palpitations in my heart. I have never felt this before and I felt quite uncomfortable. I lowered my eyesso shy to meet his eyes. When I look up again, he was still looking at me and he smiled sweetly. When he started to walk from the other end of the quadrangle, I became nervous andexcited at the same time. He said, "May I dance with you?" so politely that I was not able to resist!As we dance by the moonlight, I could'nt help but think how blessed is my holiday.He was so gentle and softspoken yet humble and masculine. After the dance, my aunt came rushing to me and said, "Your Dad is coming to see how you are going..."I thought to myself, "Here comes again Dad who is so overprotective." Then, I said to my aunt, "Auntie Patsy, I would like you to meet Rodrigo, my new friend." Aunt Patsy said with a questioning gaze, "It is good you met your cousin!" I almost fell from my seat! Both of us exclaimed with disappointment, "Cousin?!!!" The moral lesson is: Do not think too fast to avoid disappointment!

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