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Sunday, March 16, 2014


Fr. M. from India told an interesting story during a healing service... It was summer and as usual, the snakes scatter all over the place. We were praying in the common room when suddenly several snakes crawled in the porch and on the doorway. We were terrified because some even seemed to be rattlesnakes. With great faith in God, we prayed in unison all the prayers that we knew by heart. We had prayed so fervently that the snakes by miracle just went off slowly one by one. I remembered the passage in the Scripture about the power given to the apostles. Suddenly, we heard loud and deafening screams in the nearby convent. Peeping by the window, I saw the nuns scampering with frantic and agility. Ah! The snakes actually went to the convent. Now I know, we prayed better than the nuns!

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