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Saturday, March 1, 2014



Jane: I am just pondering that to win in my marriage
I must be quite blind and somewhat deaf?
Rose: Are you serious? How come?
Jane: I must be blind to the girls and deaf to his sermons!
Ronnie: Did I hear it right that you lost your maid?
Susie: Yes, that's right, I lost my maid and my husband!
Ronnie: Oh!, I see...
John: You know Doc, I am really nervous about my third
Doctor: Don't worry too much. You have lost already your
appendix and one kidney.
I am only wondering what you're losing again?
Mr. Burns, an expert Physics teacher is explaining that acceleration
due to gravity is constant, 32 ft/ s squared.
Liam: Sir, I do realise that Newton is on the right track. But I have
a query. Jude is weighing about 2oo lbs; if he falls from the window,
I reckon that the acceleration due to gravity is still 32, isn't it?
Mr. Burns: No, Jude defies the law of gravity!
Mrs Jones married four times, the first was a tycoon, the second a movie
director, the third a pastor and the fourth an undertaker.
Marc: I am just curious, Mrs Jones. Is there any reason why you
married those types of people?
Mrs Jones: Well, one for the money, two for the show, third to get
ready and fourth, to go!
Cynthia Abegail

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