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Saturday, March 29, 2014


One day, I was strolling by the beach. I could not help but admire the complexity
and vastness of the ocean. I look up again at the sky with myriad colors of the
clouds and I remembered the beauty of God's creation. I run like a child to meet
the teasing waves; I just love the cold water that touched my feet. How I enjoy
this moment of the wind-swept sea and the whitish sand that encompasses my

Suddenly, I thought of Liza, that devout old friend of mine who had battled cancer
for three months. She had a life that makes you teary-eyed. Her husband is a
drunkard and one of the worst men I have ever seen. He is rude to the bones and
I really do not know if he has ever known, "good manners and right conduct." I
do not really judge this person, but I maybe have just have a heart for my petite
friend. Lisa just died and I cried so much because I had empathy for her.

If there is a need for a saint, I will nominate my friend. When she was living, she
had a big heart for everybody and how she smiled! One will mirror the pureness
of her heart...

I knew the story of Job, the one who suffered so much but was rewarded in the end. This story fascinates me because it is a part and parcel of our lives. Who did not suffer in one way or another in this world? It just proves that we are all in
solidarity in this world!

Look around us... A paralyzed man, a drug addict in the gutter, a homeless man.
When I saw a picture of thousands of children dying in the streets, my heart just
melted away.

Life is an enigma, but hope is just for the world. God does not sleep...

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