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Monday, March 31, 2014


I can hear the loud voice of Aunt Cheryl; "Where is the slippers I just
left here on the door?  Who used it, Grr."  Meet Aunt Cheryl, a thirty-
eight year old spinster who had that explosive temper that all of us,
including my hunky brother feared!  She is Dad's youngest sister.
What an opposite to my father who is so cool and calm of nature.
I whimpered, "Aunt Cheryl, here are your slippers:  I accidentally
wore it because we have the same colour and size, sorry."  Her
eyebrows seem to meet and I seem to shrink in-front of her.  She is
about five-foot five compared to my petite size.

Aunt Cheryl live with us; I remembered she took care of all of us
since we were babies because my mother is a very busy businesswoman.
In short, we have to bear her caprices and whims.  Dad usually say,
"Respect your Aunt Cheryl, remember she took care of you from
your early years."  I could not say to Dad, "But she is so sore and

On the other hand,  it is about ten days before Christmas and I am really
so excited.  I put out the Christmas tree that we have every year.  It is
about 7 foot tall and Dad took care of it for a long time.  All of the intricate
decors were carefully boxed with all of it's trimmings and stars.  Dad
said, "Alright, Jessica you and your Aunt Cheryl will be the one to
decorate the house this year.  Remember, Janice and your Mum did
it last year.  I whispered to myself, "Why Aunt Cheryl, of all people!"
Aunt Cheryl as usual was like a colonel in the army telling me what to do!
I beg Dad, "Could I just do it next year?"  Dad replied, "The roster has been

Suddenly, we heard a gentle knock on the door.  "Surprise, I just arrive from
Cameera Island,"  said a man I have not met yet.  Dad laughed and with
boisterous joy hugged this man whom he called Matthew.  He is about
forty-five years old and I can tell that he is a charming personality.
I have learned from Dad that he is a friend in the Reserve Army.  Matthew is
a Lt. Colonel and he is spending a week at home.

Dad politely introduced Aunt Cheryl to Matthew.  He said, "O' so she is
Cheryl, your youngest sister!"  Aunt Cheryl demurely smiled.  I did not
realise she is capable of smiling.  She looks radiant and when I looked
again she is beautiful, if smiling!

Dad asked Aunt Cheryl to orient Matthew in the farm and on the sorrounds.
I am basically not an eaves- dropper but I could not help but watched them
by the window.  I could barely hear Aunt Cheryl's giggles.

On the Eve of Christmas, Aunt Cheryl sweetly asked me to prepare the
sweets for dinner.  No more pouts, no more smirks!  I could not believe it
in my eyes.  At 11 pm, I saw Aunt Cheryl went out of her room in a silky
reddish-pink frock which revealed her svelte figure!  Oh No!  Aunt Cheryl
is in love!

At 12:00 am Christmas dinner, Aunt Cheryl and Matthew thought they were
the only ones in the room.  I have not seen Aunt Cheryl so happy.  Love is in the
air and it is just right on time!  And all merrily kissed one another, "Merry
Christmas."  I forgot to tell you, I also met Luke and I seem to dance that night!
Love is also in the air for me.

Cynthia Abegail

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