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Thursday, March 20, 2014


( This short Story is being republished as we feel that is good for the present time)
New World
It was a few moments after midnight, when a bright light in the shape of a white cloud dashed through the middle of the sky. Most of the people on Earth were sleeping except some stargazers and wanderers. Some thought it was a shooting Star, while others thought it was a UFO. The light circled around the Earth and out of it came the face of an angel.

Looking at the heaven, the angel cried out,"Oh! my Father Almighty. I connot endure the sight on earth anymore. The bloodshed in the name of God and religion is unbearable.

Tears rolled down on his innocent face.
GOD replied, My dear angel,if you connot bear it, how much can I endure ?
After all, I have created the heaven and earth and later the man, who destroys one another with no respect and knowledge of the value of one's life.
"Father,may I do something to save them ?" The angel asked.
"Yes,my angel,make it a mission on earth to save man from destruction. Now fly West. There you will find a boy under a tree on the bank of Hudson River,in New York, USA not far from the site of 9/11.You will see him holding the "GREAT BOOK OF KNOWLEDGE". Read along with the boy and follow its contents."
"Yes my Father." angel replied.

The angel flew West and found the boy on the bank of Hudson River who appeared to be homeless.
" I am ready to read the" GREAT BOOK OF KNOWLEDGE",my dear child. What is your name ?" The angel asked.
"People call me different names. You are an angel, right ?"The boy asked
"Yes how did you know that ?" The angel was surprised.
"Because, I possess the "GREAT BOOK OF KNOWLEDGE". Now let us read the book"
The boy opened up the first page. It was empty and void!
The angel wondered why it was so.
The boy smiled and replied,"In the beginning,everything was empty and void.Right?"
"Right. As it is in the book of Genesis."
The next page was about a scientific theory namely 'THE BIG BANG.'
The boy said, "The scientists are unable to answer the question,what went'BANG' and where it came from. Man did not appear on earth by random chance but by the creation of GOD.
The next page was about the self-glorification of man.
The boy told, "Whatever man tries to achieve at the expense of his fellow man for power and self-glorification is unethical and immoral. That is a real Sin.His act will not last very long.Do you remember the story of Alexander The Great?
After conquering the whole World,Alexander fell ill. Prior to his death, he instructed his servants to put his empty hands outside the coffin to declare the whole world that even though Alexander won the whole world, he could not take anything with him, when he left his abode.
"A great lesson for mankind.!" The angel said.
The next page opened up.
" Man connot see GOD but can feel HIS presence at every moment.To love one another is not a theme of the past but a maxim for the present and the future. After all, GOD loves man and forgives his sins."
At this instance, the angel recognizing who really the boy is, bent down before HIM and said,"OH! my FATHER! You are are always Great. Kindly guide me to help man to open his eyes to make this world a peaceful and loving one for all.
"Start your mission, angel. Let man not hide or pretend. Let him stop fighting on the very floor of his worship. He should open up his heart and love one another and make everyone's life meaningful. Let us hope that this is the dawn of a new beginning
in the life of man. If he is sincere, he can bring heaven to earth, otherwise he will bring hell.
BY GEORGE KURIAN (Copy righted story)

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