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Monday, March 10, 2014


(A beautiful poem from Shaji John. This will touch our soul too.)New World

                       A SONG OF A SOUL

Oh! my usurped lover,
My virginity you usurped,
That you usurped my life,
What else you didn’t usurp?

You may be conscious of,
The scaffold on you stand,
The noose in front of you,
Ready the hangman.

I too sincere for all,
You too sincere for all,
My body your lust,
The lust crashed in to me.

That night eight the time,
You saw me, the girl,
Prowled after me bowed,
How far off the girl?

Though touch, touch or not,
But crippled quickly,
In that deserted area,
Crushed me in and out.

Grounded, Flattened my body,
But my soul everlasting,
Usurped is what uneternal,
Unusurped is what eternal.

Either you denounce or conceal,
The body is all weakness,
You too strong; care it,
Wrong it, stimulate it.

My body was in sixteen,
That the worldly shaped teenage,
Meant for the world,
With an innocent, nascent soul.

Oh! How mystic you?
A violent human lover,
Wild beings mate not to end,
Union how many in woods.

Observe the earth I face,
I am presented to every life,
Worst observation a holocaust,
That led to my killing.

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