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Sunday, March 23, 2014

TRIVIA WORLD # 9#Cynthia Abegail



1. Beginning with N, which inert gas is
commonly used for commercial lights?
2. How many faces does a tetrahedron have?
3. The resurrection of Lazarus of Bethany is
an important part of the gospel of John.
Who were his sisters?
4. In which ocean is the Barrow Island?
5. Nyctalopia is a medical term for what eye
6. Sheeps and goats belong to the ------------
7. The world's highest waterfalls located in the
Guiana islands is ---------------.
8. Who was the scientist who proposed the sun-centred
universe? Galileo was also one of the advocates of
his theory.
9. The square root of 25 is 5. What is the square root
of 256? No calculators allowed!
10. The storming of Bastille is related to Russian, French,
Austrian or Spanish revolution?
Clincher questions:
1. What is the capital of Kazakstan?
2. Name the gulf close to Hanoi?


1. Neon
2. tetrahedron
3. Martha and Mary
4. Indian Ocean
5. Night blindness
6. Bovidae
7. Angel Falls, Venezuela
8. Copernicus
9. 16
10. French

Clincher questions:
1. Astana
2. Gulf of Tonkin
Score yourself:
10-12 Outstanding
9 Very Good
7-8 Above average
6 Average
4-5 Needs improvement
0-3 Read

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