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Monday, March 24, 2014




1. Lithiated lemon was introduced by Charles Grigg from Missouri
in 1929. Four years after, the lemon-lime drink became very
popular and by what name is it known at present?
2. The damask rose, Rose damascina versicolor became known as
_______ when Henry Tudor united two houses in English royalty.
(Source: Origins of Everyday Things)
3. "Lord, let the flame of your love
set on fire my whole heart, may I wholly
burn towards you, wholly love you,
set aflame by you."
Who is the saint who wrote this prayer?
4. The highest capital city in the world is located in South America.
It' a spectacular altitude and setting with an airport about 4,000
m high. What is the name of this city?
5. Hosea Kutako is an international airport in Uganda, Namibia,
Zambia or Sudan?
6. Where is the Great Barrier Reef located Down Under?
7. In poetry, what is the figure of speech that utilises the form
of repetition?
8. Who is the scientist and philosopher who devised the Cartesian
coordinates after an observation of the crawling spider n the ceiling?
9. In the early days before 1745, the _____ are also surgeons and one of
their duties is bloodletting. (Origins of Everyday Things)
10. In what book of the Bible can one find the laws of the Lord except
"The Ten Commandments."
Clincher: The Museum of Cam Sculpture is a feature in (China, Singapore,
Vietnam, Indonesia or Thailand)?


1. 7-UP
2. York-Lancaster Rose
3. St. Augustine of Hippo
4. La Paz
5. Namibia
6. Queensland
7. alliteration
8. Descartes
9. barbers
10. Leviticus

Clincher: Vietnam

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