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Tuesday, April 1, 2014



Jennifer is just an ordinary lady in the block. She loves
to do her work without so much fuss and reservations.
A devout Christian, she almost never misses a Mass in
the cathedral because she had a feeling, the bigger the
church, the greater the blessings! Quite weird, but
has some truth in it.
On the other hand, she has that kind of tough and unswerving
personality that sometimes, she meet odds with people who
manipulates the truth. She's down to earth honest and sincere,
but the people with attitude of the Pharisees hates her to the bones.
At times, she wonders also what's wrong with her.
Day in and day out, she just loves the Church; has some kind of
fascination. But if you see her, she does not look pious at all!
But, she has also an underside. She got that stubborness and
temper like a volcano. If she thinks she's right,she can sleep in the car
and will never raise an eyebrow. She fights for the poor and marginalised.
Whenever I see her, I remember the very fine lady Dorothy Day.
When her friends has no food, she just go to the shops and buy them
without so much questions.
But mind you, she's also very pretty. Many men just follow her whereever
she goes. Probably, because of her vibrant personality and kind disposition.
I can't help but just admire this lady. Anyway, she does not mind and
sometimes, she just smile affectionately.
What a woman! On the other hand, she became my friend and I did not
realise how people had gossiped about her. My tears flow when she confided
to me. Anyhow, she is as tough as steel. Maybe, she's down sometimes, but
she just rebound so easily that she's back on track again.
One day, she was praying and suddenly a consoling light to her soul emerged.
My friend is saintlike, that's why she experiences these things. Thanks that I
am one of her confidante, I am greatly privileged.
She told me she has to leave the community where she is at the moment.
I said to Jenny, "But you have been here almost all your life." Jennifer replied,
"It does not matter, when the Lord calls me to go somewhere, no questions asked!"
I told her, "You're not Abraham... you are Jennifer, my friend." Jenny replied,
"You do not have to be Abraham to trust in the Lord. He is the great model
of faith, but God can call anybody!"
There you are, I am just being selfish. I do not like her to be far from me. That
night, I asked forgiveness from the Lord.
Then I asked her the following day, "Jenny, where are you going?" She replied,
"To the land of milk and honey." I joked, "In America?" Jenny giggled, "No, just in
the west, but close to the country." I told her, "O' dear, what happened to you, I
thought you love the city." She gushed, "It is not my will, but God's will. Anything
goes. Do not worry, I will visit you!"
That's my friend, Jennifer--- bright, lovely, kind but most of all obedient to the Lord!

Moral: There are many times that we follow our fancies, which is just normal. On the other hand, if the Lord wills you to change your path, pack up your bags and simply obey. God will not lead you where he will not be with you.

All rights reserved: Cynthia Abegail

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