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Sunday, April 13, 2014



Aiko is a very playful cat.  I use to play with her hide and seek and she loves it. 
I could not cope with her energy, so that I could stop when she is at the apex of her enthusiasm.
Age is really a factor even in pet-rearing.  I am already blushing of fatigue, but she stills run and run
without exhaustion.

Anyway, it is a summer day of April about three years ago when a trial occured to me.
I was tending my flower pot on the porch.  It was still early, so I thought Aiko is asleep.
My front door was slightly opened.  After half an hour of cultivating and flowering my flower pots,
I remembered Aiko.  I called her, ""Aiko, Aiko" ... Usually she purrs right away, but this time, I
did not hear any purring.  I entered her room and I was shocked!  She was not in her bed,
she may have gone to the living room.  I scoured the whole house with no sight of Aiko.

O' I pondered, "She may have slipped when I was tending the flower pot of roses."  But I only,
opened the door very slightly.  I am still confident she is in the garden, but I am getting some nerves
already.  I scoured all of the shrubs in the garden and my husband now is helping me to find Aiko,
our princess.  No! No!  Aiko is gone, she left.  Tears flowed from my eyes; I did not realise she is
this important to us till now.  I remembered the saying, "You value most people, animals and things when you lose them."  My husband consoled me, "Do not worry, usually cats come back after a day or two."
A day or two?  I could not even lose her for an hour?

I drove my car, I do not like to drive fast but it seems I am driving fast.  "She must just be on the road,
O' Lord help us."  My mind is not clear now, I am very sad... I know it's only a cat but we care for
Aiko, she is a part of our family.  In vain, I drove all the streets, but no sight of Aiko.

My mind is already imagining a lot of things.  "How about if she crossed the street?  She must be hungry
now".  Then, I realised, there is no use of worrying.  I started to pray!  At night, the house seems empty.
My husband is also sad but not as much as myself.  I have slept already about midnight.

The next day, I was just outside staring at the far horizon.  I still felt empty, and then I went back to
my room and prayed intensely for St Anthony's intercession.  I said to myself, "Whenever I ask for
St Anthony to intercede for me to Almighty God, something happens.  I found what I am looking for.

Then I went outside again in the porch.  My husband went to the garden again and start to call,
"Aiko, Aiko, Aiko,"  just in case!  Then to my delight, I heard something.  A purr, a weak purr...
I panicked, "Where is that from?"  My husband has an acute sense of hearing!  He shouted," Mama,
Aiko is there on the other side of the road.  There is a fence and she likes to climb but it is a high fence.
My husband and I ran over the other side of the road.  There is a hole in the fence, then he got her
carefully.  Aiko is weary and tired; at the same time very hungry.

I fed her right away, but now I am smiling and I told her, "Aiko, do not do that again.  I was so worried
about you."  She seems to understand and purr sweetly.   

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