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Monday, April 28, 2014



Jessica is an ordinary customer service officer in
a telecommunications industry. She is still single
at the age of thirty years and it's really a wonder!
She is a modest, gentle woman with an above
average intelligence, at least. With an oval face,
her eyes speaks miles---so expressive and hazel
brown. Once I have an opportunity to ask her
politely about this scenario and she kindly told me
the reasons behind it.
She said it's a long story, so I decided to cut it short!
First, she met Ramil, an electronic engineer in a
prestigious company. They dated, went to a movie
and out of the blue, Ramil just started with outbursts
of bad words due to his excitement with the comedy!
Jessica admires polite men so she did not see him

Second, she fell head over heels with Johnny, a very
handsome postman. They started dating after a month
and she's just over the moon. Once, she was shopping
for shoes and guess who she saw? Johnny with a very
young teener who is looking for gladiator sandals. She
almost melted and she run off to hide her tears. Failure
number two! Well, she likes polite men but definitely
she likes faithful men!

Third, she falls in love with Andrew, a smart executive
in the computer industry. They strolled along the park
and she just was turned off. Several cars were passing by
and she left him on the car side. Not too chivalrous...
At last, he met this man in the cyberspace. He is the most
polite person in the world. He seems never to step out
on his shoes wrong. After seven months of cyber-mails,
the man named Peter decided that they will meet in person.
Jessica was excited to meet this person who is the epitome
of chivalry and courtesy.

Peter and Jessica met and she could not be happier. But
Peter was honest. He told Jessica the big bomb--- "I am
married." Jessica blurted, "Why of all people, you are
married? I think I am destined to be a spinster!

I told Jessica, "Do not lose hope! Probably you will meet the
man of your dreams, maybe after ten, twenty years. But I
still believe, there are still a lot there---(polite and chivalrous)
Just do a bit of research, girls!
Chivalry is here to stay!

Morale: Never lose hope in life. Persevere and you will see
the fruits of your labor, maybe not now...sometime...somewhere!
All rights reserved: Cynthia Abegail

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