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Tuesday, April 8, 2014


Joke Corner

The Instructor

It was my first time to learn how to
drive and I was so nervous. There
was a time that I was learning how
to turn left to an intersection that the
car jumped into the factory's parking
spot. Thanks God, there was no
pedestrian! My instructor told me,"Can't
you do two things at the same time, turn left
while not pressing the brake." I replied, No
that is really difficult!

Well, after three months
of arguing on the road, he nervously sent me
for a driver's test. After the test, he anxiously
asked me if I pass. I said, "What do you think?"
With that somber face, I think not positive. I
replied, "Well, read this!" He said, you passed!
With a sigh of relief, he said "This is the greatest
achievement in my life!"

The  Mudpack

Liza loves to put on a yoghurt-banana mudpack on
her face every night. She takes care of her skin
so well that she has the quality of complexion like
Catherine Deneuve. On midnight, she went outside
her bedroom to get a drink from the fridge. She decided
not to turn on the lights so as not to wake her son about
seven years old. Suddenly, she heard a scream.
Boy: Daddy, Daddy there's a ghost!
Dad: (Run to the rescue of his son)
John, that's your Mum!

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