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Monday, April 28, 2014


It is a bright sunny day and all the birds seems to be chirping.  You can't
understand it but your feet seems to fly to share your joy and peace!  Then,
you met a friend; your smile is like a honeycomb and you greeted her
with an air of kindness and candour.  Then, you decided to go to a nearby church,
suddenly, you saw a beggar in rags!  He opened his hands and your eyes locked.
You were full of pity and almost teary eyed.  You remembered, you had $20.00
in your pocket; you gave it to him.  Not satisfied, you saw a café.  You whispered
to him, "Wait here, I will buy you a coffee and a hot bun."  His eyes sparkled,
a glimmer of hope for free lunch for today.  You gave it to him and there was a bond
between you.  After that, you gave him an address to go to, a charity who feeds the
poor.  He said, he knows how to get here.  You held his hands, he never refused!
His eyes were teary and he utters, "Thank you very much!"

This is just a simple outreach of love, but you have spread God's message of joy and
peace.  God is beyond our realm of understanding!  It is not only that God loves.
God is LOVE.

Our ways are not God's ways.  But we can do things as faithful followers of the Lord

Cynthia Abegail
according to his commandment, "Love one another as I have loved you." from the gospel
of John.

Let us start to outreach to our brothers and sisters especially to the ones who are poor
not only materially, but spiritually.  We like to do it not for our own glory and fame,
but for the glory of our beloved, Almighty God!

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