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Sunday, April 27, 2014



What is the destiny of humanity without the mercy of God?  It is like a boat
without a rudder and like a ship that runs out of its course.  A ship runs
smoothly if the captain is trustworthy and keep the safety of his passengers
a priority.

God as the Creator and Lord of history keeps humanity in His care.  As the
psalmist cried out, "Who is man that you cared for?  That you made him
a creature, a steward to your creation?"  From the very beginning, God has
fashioned man in His very image.  Man has the stamp of the Eternal One.
As children of God, we are hoped to be grateful to the loving, gentle and
caring God who nurtured us all the way.

The love and care of God has found it's apex in sending His Only Begotten
Son into the world as a rescue plan for humanity.  It is only by God's grace
that not only 2nd chance but infinite chances were given to us to reject
sin, the Evil One and his empty promises.

Vulnerable as we are, we sometimes continue to turn back from God's
utter invitation to his Kingdom.  But it is never too late.  No convicts,
no prostitutes, no sinner will be rejected from God's Paradise as long
as we all run back to Him, plead mercy and forgiveness with a contrite
and sincere heart!  God's love is not a warrant for us to sin some more,
but it only shows that the Divine Mercy of God is inexhaustible, for
the love that flows from Him is beyond comprehension.

Cynthia Abegail 

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