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Sunday, April 13, 2014

LIKE A WHEEL (forwarded by Cynthia Abegail)


Rowena is a rich lady, blessed with
three siblings, a high profile job and
a towering mansion close to Villa Escada,
the largest house in town. On the other hand,
these blessings did not make her humble.
She became an egotist lady that values money
more than anything else. She has a hardworkin
housekeeper, Lila who works day and most of the
night to raise her family of two and paralysed
One day, Lila's son whose name is Talio became
very ill of high fever and a severe brain syndrome.
She begged Rowena to let her be away for about
a week to take care of her son. The landlady was
furious because she thought that she will be
off-handed without her housekeeper. She told her,
"You either take time off and lose your job, or
stay and retain your job." Lila sobbed in a dilemna;
but decided to leave, for her beloved son. She could
not comprehend Rowena's cruelty and selfishness.
Lila borrowed money from many people to get her
son to undergo brain surgery. She does not know how
she will pay all of them, but she just trust that God will
make a way in the future.
After a year, Rowena lost her high flying job because of
a fight with the assistant manager. Her husband started
gambling to cope with financial difficulties. She has no option
but to sell her mansion. She tried to get any job, but to her
dismay, nobody accepted her. As time goes by, all their savings
were gone and they now live in a shanty. She cried day and night
for her lot. She found God again, bent on her knees--- ask for
forgiveness for her arrogance in the past.
She knows that they will not survive if she will not work. Her husband
was jailed for stealing from a shop of liquor. Her son strayed with drugs
and her daughter run away with an old man. Day and night, her bedsheets
were drenched with tears. She is now breaking down! But because she
now learned to pray better, strength of spirit was regained.
One day she saw an ad, a millionaire in Villa Sevilla needs a maid to take care
of her son. The salary is really attractive, so she applied. The secretary mail her
after three days that she will be interviewed by the employer.
She was excited for her anticipated interview. She said to herself," This job is
good enough for me at the moment. I have to swallow my pride for the
future of my three children. Her son is now on rehabilitation and her daughter
went back home.
With nerves, she rang the bell of Villa Sevilla. She dressed up neatly with her
repaired old clothes, although she looks a lot older now due to poverty. The
governess welcomed her and let her sit inside the opulent office. Here comes
the employer and she could not help but to get nervous because the lady is
so poised and beautiful. She stoop up to be polite but the employer told her to
sit down. She looks so loving and gentle with her hair tied up in a chignon.
Her eyes seems to be lit with a rare kind of peace and joy.
The lady said, "Hello! Welcome, I am impressed by your resume and I thought
that you are the right one for this position, Leilani Cruz. (Rowena changed her
name because she does not like others to know that the former Rowena is now
a pauper).
By the way, the petite, charming lady said, I am Lila Romero, your new employer!
Then Rowena recognized this voice, "You are Lila, my housekeeper five years ago?"
Lila was surprised, "Ms Rowena Ruiz! I am sorry, I did not recognise you." Oh! My
husband died two years ago.
I was just blessed to have married a financial manager who earns millions, that's
why I am in this position." I am sorry to meet you in this situation. (Her voice is full
of kindness and compassion.) Do you still like to work here? You're welcome!
Rowena replied, "I love, too but I think it's not appropriate for me. I will just
remember that I was so cruel before! You know, I changed already. I am happy
for your success.
Lila said, "Thanks! But you will never leave without all of my gifts for you and your family.
"Jenna !(the other maid), get stocks of rice, toiletries and food from our storage and put a large
amount in the van. Then call the Ben (the driver) to bring Rowena home.
Rowena was teary-eyed, grateful to God and ---
Lila, her former housekeeper. She uttered,
"God really provides."
All rights reserved: Cynthia Abegail

*Life is like a wheel, sometimes we're up, sometimes we're down. But, whatever
situation we are in, it is good to remember that God will make a way! In the abbys
of darkness in our life, God is with us. In our joys and fulfillment of dream
God also walks with us.
When we are at the top of the world, let us not forget where we came from. Treat
other people as gifts of God, not to be trampled upon!
Kindness and charity wells up from the treasure of our heart; what we sow--- we will reap!
Humility, compassion as well as honesty are best policies..

Cynthia Abegail

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