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Sunday, April 6, 2014


The Interplay Between Souls, Matter And The Supreme Soul (God)

The forces which interact to produce the phenomena of world history and geography: souls, matter and the Supreme Soul (God), are threaded by the law of karma. When there is mental communion (connection) with the Supreme, the soul's relationship with matter changes.
This means that the internal love-link that the soul has with the Supreme is reflected in the performance of the soul in the material world and in the degree to which the soul has mastery over matter; firstly over the sense organs of the body and through that, over the colors, shapes and sounds of the material world.
We have continually sought to understand which way to act, but have lost our sense of direction for various reasons:
· We forgot that we were soul-actors.
· We became lost on the world stage.
· We became over-identified with our costumes the physical body.
· We lost sight of the story of the drama.
· We forgot that we were residents of the soul world

Due to body-consciousness the soul severed (broke) its subtle connection with the Supreme Soul.
***Thanks to Mr. Gopal Nair, for the great message of the Day
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