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Monday, April 14, 2014



Prayer or Graces before meal! It is a standard way before
commencing a gathering or a meal. The Sign of the Cross
bears deep meaning for a country of about 90-95 percent
Christians particularly Catholics. Politeness is the order of
the day wherein elder members of the family are the first
ones to get their share.

Unlike in the west, where knives are usual implements in
meals, the Pinoys prefer to use spoons and forks. In the
provinces, eating with hands during the olden days are

The condiments is special for Filipinos. All types of meals,
whether fish, meat or vegies are not complete without
condiments. Some of these are patis (fish sauce), soy sauce,
lemon juice or vinegar at times. For the lechon, roast pork--
liver sauce is the favorite.

The Filipinos are famous for wonderful recipes as adobo,
a stewed chicken or pork with soy sauce, vinegar, garlic and
pepper. Other regions as Bicol area just loves the coconut
milk laden recipes with many, many chilies. Foreign ears
will really smoke if they are not used to these very spicy

Merienda or afternoon or morning snack is usual fare. Banana
sweetened, then fried is common while iced fruits with milk
and cream are usually served in summer days. The Filipinos
share their best meals during fiestas and celebrations.

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