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Saturday, April 12, 2014


The world knows aliens as beings
From planets unknown
With strange moods and styles.
But I would say……………………

Doves of peace are aliens
In this land of chaos
Fluttering from pole to pole
Finding no succor.

Values of humankind
That adorned mankind
From days of old
Are quaint and alien…….

The man of this age
Running in this mad race
Frenzied with a craze
To gain, gain and gain.

He is accumulating things
Considered eternal
Knowing not that
They too are slaves to decay!

Seeds of brotherhood
Cannot take root and sprout
As the shower of love, rarely
Fall from the heart of man.

Clearer than crystal is the truth
That ALIENS are not terrestrial beings…
But tender values of life
That has taken to wings
Finding no space to alight
In the hearts of men.

( Our talented Poetess Mary Varghese shows us another universal truth about love among the human beings. She is absolutley right when she says that tender values of love should find a place in the hearts of men. Our New World has been built on the maxim of 'love our fellow men". Sincere thanks to Mary Varghese) New World
(Republished from 7/15/2010)

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