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Friday, April 18, 2014


( New World is proud to have very talented and gifted writers. Cynthia is known to all of us. Her poems has adored our New World many times.Here is another jewel for our New World family's treasure chest of literature. Thanks Cynthia)

This poem is dedicated to my maiden's family.

Do you remember the days?
Droplets of rain that daze
Shivering yet full of mirth
Clinkering footsteps with dirt.

Laughter roar the road,
Leah, my ears almost deaf!
Voice on tenor adrift...
Seems music on aboard.

Charmine, your fingers tickle,
Ere!, that's my weakness
Annoying yet with duress,
Melodious voice mesmerizes.

At doorstep,
Mother asked,
Why so late, my brood
We played by the rain blast,

Are you upset with mood?
Dad arrived so swiftly,
Why so wet, my lily?
Oh! the rain was heavy,

Chuckles and giggles so naughty!
Maruja laid the table,
All ready, my manor
Edwin said grace,

With a tinge of lace.
A family I remember
A home by the letter
Where the Lord is the centre

Humor abide with ember.

Leah, a queen by beauty,
Charmine, the princess lady,
But their hearts were gold,
Gold of Ophir by my word!

All rights reserved by the author: Cynthia Abegail Bernardo ------------------------------ Thanks. Cynthia

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