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Tuesday, April 1, 2014



 Ripples and bubbles of beginning at dawn,
 Dew at early dawn resurfaced at the lawn
Bursts of excitement like the youth of past
 Blushes in cheeks never evades the dust--

 Rhymes flow like a river from the heart,
Words bounces to and fro as if to dance
 To the melodies of Strauss,
 Bach to dare Sonatas delving deep affection so bare...

From flamingos to the ocean waves to vie,
 To the plams that sway and swans at rye
And autumn's leaves and spring's delight,
 Flame of love not quenched by winter cold!

 Is this really fascination by dawn as it was blown
Or the night full of stars, that shivers and swoon
And noon seems mellow never felt the sun's heat
 But mellow as your sweetness come what may!

 Madness of the heart seems to lovers sanity,
Love is blind; irises covers but irrationality
 Hid at first, then as a maiden covers reality
Lo' succumb thine charms without vanity!

 It is dawn that surpasses midnight blues,
 It is dawn that fascination grew of all hues
It is at dawn that the heart beats and wins
 It is at dawn that the clouds of joy beams!
All rights reserved: Cynthia Abegail
(What a beautiful Poem) New World

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