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Thursday, April 10, 2014



I passed through the corridor pondering about what the next term will do to
my life.  I just have finished a gruelling semester and I haven't rested yet
with the stories of the saints and here I am to wrestle again with the
prophets of the past!

Consoling myself, somebody greeted me with a hopeful, "Good morning."
I did not know the person, he dressed simply and with an air of confidence and dignity.
I just said, "Good morning," my favorite by-word to strangers and whisk off my
way to  Room Lisieux!  I sat unabashedly, for now I am determined as ever
to excel!  Well, the one I saw in the corridor, I could not believe it was the professor!
It can't be, but he truly is!

The following weeks are characterized by fun and wisdom.  I have never laughed as
much as in my life!  Three years ago, I met a simple genius from Rome, now a
walking encyclopedia from Rome again.  What is so special with Rome?  Do they
house an archive of theological wisdom?

To say that I know the Scripture is a misnomer!  Here is a teacher who could quote
verses back to back from the book of Genesis to the Book of Micah.  During his time,
ginko biloba is not yet on the market!  Why?  It is a surprise for me, I should start
mastering the Bible again!

What I noticed is his preference for simple things of the world.  Mind you, he is not a
great fun of technology!  It is just world apart from me.  I did not say I could not live with
out technology!  But wait, I open my e-mail everyday, I do blogger!  I open my Facebook
site from time to time, I tweet once in a while, I am in Linkedin and Hi-five,too.

Do you mean I am technologically savvy?  Not really, I just make use of technology in
my own terms!  I control technology and do not allow myself to be enslaved by it.  I use
technology to maximise my dignity and spread God's Word!

Anyway, going back to my teacher who is a walking encyclopedia, all of us just simply
wait on for the following week of laughter, joy and savouring of knowledge week after
week!  Now I know that God gives abundant gifts not only to his chosen ones but to
many who seek Him with all their hearts.

Moral:  "Who will know the mind of God?"  Nobody, yet we could see the splendor
of his gifts through the many people we meet in our lives.  Let us thank God Almighty
for a new day, a new experience, a new perspective and of His great love!

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