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Monday, April 7, 2014




1. Barbados pride is a type of animal, plant, vice or place?
2. There is a gulf close to United Arab Emirates. It is also
perpendicular to the Strait of Hormaz at the border of Iran.
What is the name of this gulf?
3. Mark, Matthew and John are gospel writers inspired
to write the good news. Who is the other one?
4. In Philippine language, "Paalam" means __________.
5. True or False. Australia won the bid for the next
World Cup.
6. The bark of what tree is fireproof? Fire only burns the
inner part of these trees. (Dr. Kumar)
7. As a universal body language, a woman looks sideways,
looks up, lower her eyes or flicker her eyelids when she
likes a man?
8. What is the only part of the body that does not receive
blood supply? (Funny Facts)
9. Who is the musical great who composed "Fur Elize?"
10. What is the name of a chemical in the periodic table
that sounds like from a popular city of US?

Clincher: Dacca is a place in India, Thailand, Bangladesh,
Vietnam or Turkey?


1. plant
2. Gulf of Oman
3. Luke
4. goodbye
5. False
6. redwood tree
7. lower her eyes
8. cornea
9. Beethoven
10. californium
Clincher: Bangladesh

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