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Saturday, April 12, 2014



Gazing beyond the horizon as I remember you?
My heart in oblivion as the valleys unfold blues!
Where in rhapsody is my love by the moonlight?
As the passing shadows of the hazy light mews.
I watched the ripples by the ocean at midnight!
It never amuses me for the waves not gentle...
Missing the hues of crimson and violets; crisp,
Now the blues dominate the unruly deep seas.
Rush the time by days not hours, minutes O' fast!
As my eyes view the clouds that races by the night,
I am not consoled by the mounts of flowers so red!
Neither the lilies of pinks of zest and tulip on eaves.
And music played by harps and violins seem dreary,
The dance I love forgotten as Blue Danube of Strauss!
Where in rhapsody, where's the joy of the valleys tune,
I waited on the hills, nowhere is my love, he's by dunes.
The misty wisps of sunset, panorama of melody rhyme!
Where O' where is my love, has he forgotten the mimes
The days had passed but the bluish letter seems to pine,
As this memories flashed, I am alone again and I whine
All rights reserved: Maria Cassia Austero

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