I thought this was another incredible way in which 3D printing is creeping in, and eventually overtaking traditional medical methods. This 3D printed cast is not only easy on the eyes, but it helps to ventilate the arm, and has built in technology which can allow for the healing of a broken arm 80% better than a traditional plaster cast. Below are the 3 main benefits to the Osteoid Medical cast.

#1 - Easy on the Eyes
As you can see from the pictures, this cast looks many orders of magnitude better than the traditional plaster casts doctors have been using for over 150 years. Patients can customize it with a design they like, and wear it almost as an accessory rather than a bandage.

#2 - Ventilation
One of the biggest issues with a plaster cast is that you can't get it wet. A wet cast will not only harm the plaster, but it can also create a soggy bacteria covered arm underneath. The last thing someone wants is a mold covered arm cover. The Osteoid Medical Cast has no problems with Ventilation. A patient can shower without worrying about getting it wet.

#3 - Integrated Low intensity pulsed ultrasound (LIPUS) bone stimulator system
Why stop at just a cast to heal your bone. With the Osteoid Medical Cast a patient can integrate a LIPUS bone stimulation system within the cast, to speed up healing time and head the bone to a greater degree. Studies have suggested that the system which can be integrated like the image you will see below can increase bone healing by as much at 80%. That's incredible in itself.

Further details about this device can be found at the project page here, in which they have won a design contest: