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Tuesday, May 6, 2014


Respected Readers
The following is just one review by a reader of our George Kurian's recent Novel(Ebook by Amazonkindle)"Nagaland Chronicle Over The Hills And Down The Valleys". It is a great story.The story is based on the Novelist's own life experience. The story is social,cultural,with espionage,romantic,with great adventure.The author lived with the Nagas 8 years, learned their dialect and taught their children during the heights of the Naga rebellion against the Government of India.Click for Search of Nagaland Chronicle...which will take you to the page. Look for Amazonkindle and click. You will reach the site and the preview can be read. If you decide to buy the Ebook,it is only $6.99 and the Amazonkindle is a free down load. Please write your own review after buying and reading this great novel)Thanks.New World

This review is from: Nagaland Chronicle - Over the Hills and Down the Valleys (Kindle Edition) E-Book cost is only $6.99

Very few outsiders have ever gotten a glimpse of Nagaland and the Naga people. Still much of a mystery to this day, this book is an excellent account of a young man's journey to maturity and learning about a people that are still not understood to this day. Rather than written from a perspective of someone trying to study these people, this is a fascinating journey about someone forced to leave home in order to survive who then faces a whole new set of survival challenges when he arrives to his destination.This is a true story of a young man of 22years old who went and lived with the Nagas of North Eastern India who were once dubbed as the head hunters. This young man established schools for them, learned their dialects and customs.  If you're interested in learning about the Naga people, this is a great book but if you're also just looking for a great read, you won't go wrong with this classic tale of this pioneer.

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