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Saturday, May 3, 2014


It is good to have our Lord as a friend, a guide and as a counselor to our
multitude of problems.  Yet, we sometimes forget that He is a God of
majesty and splendor.

From the Book of Genesis itself, "The Spirit of God hovers over the water,"
(Gen 1:1).  How enigmatic, A Creator who has no beginning and end!
Then, "God says, Let there be light."  Only God alone can utter those
words and come into fulfillment.

Let us move into the Book of Exodus and see how the Almighty God
saves His people.  Well, many will say these things were myths.  That's
how scholars may interpret it.  Yet, one one insight, we could never
underestimate what God can do.  If God created the universe from nothing,
opening up the sea and making it into a dry land is easy for Him.
If God can make man from dust or clay, God can do anything from
reducing one to a pillar of salt or putting one on a stupor, basically

God is a God of majesty and splendor, that is the reason why when we praise
God, we raise our hands and worship Him.  Humility is the key!  The more we
think of God, the more we realize that we are in the palm of His hands.
Yet, despite of His majesty, He gave importance to us.  He walked with us
all the way through the joys and sorrows of our lives.  If there is a time we
forget Him, let us get our memory into overdrive!  Our existence is only
possible because of Him.  Let us give thanksgiving to Him, "right and just"'
for His love for us is everlasting!

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