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Friday, May 9, 2014


Eyes drooping, a long autumnal day
Not equinox where light and dark
Almost equal in span and of time
But meandering by park of limes.
Sat by the piles of tangerine leaves,
Imagine A' days gone by of weaves
A puzzle of life, whither are mauves
Of innocence, catch the years passed!
The birds sang melodies so familiar,
Then lay body on the wild grasses
Closed eyes; savor sweet chirping
Alas, hazel slumber ensues dreaming.
Dreamt of the flowing stream ahead,
The lilies scattered along the water
I run to pick the bright reds-so fair
By the shore, awashed with leaves.
Where did they came from, is it?
Came from nowhere, maybe--
Maybe not, O' I remember
The beautiful, joyful times---
Clutched the lilies on my palms,
How soft and fragrant and calm-
Gently lay on my basket of laces,
So delicate, I took care with love!
I lined the basket with just roses,
As the petals are still with dew
Sprinkle some white dahlias O'
So kept close to my heart anew!
All rights reserved: Cynthia Abegail

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