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Tuesday, May 27, 2014



Let us meet Ruby, a lady aged about thirty five, bubbly and
devoted to the Lord!  For a period of about 12 years, she
had done exemplary work in the church that one day, a
good English priest told her, "Would you mind pitching
a tent here and just live in the Church premises!"  She
will just give a demure smile, a characteristic grin and
a sudden laugh.  Ruby is such a character in the church.
A kind woman, yet could be like a scorpion if she sees
some injustices done to her and her friends.

But this year, she had mellowed!  We observed that she
spent more hours in social networking sites than prayer.
Her mood changed, she became more lax in everything.
She begun to place interest in the material things of the
world.  She begun to be interested in pleasing her palate
and eyes rather than continue her past devotion.  Jamie and
I, her best friends were worried about her.  She is now
going to a different territory and we know this is quite
dangerous to tread when she had been a fervent warrior of
Lord!  There is a saying, "Fools go where angels fear to tread."

With her pack ready, she is now going to this place which is
really inviting and beautiful!  She had that sparkle in her eye,
but it's quite a different sparkle:  a desire to satisfy her
senses fully.  She forgot to say a prayer of protection to her
Guardian Angel and to Archangel Michael.  There is no way
of stopping Ruby now.  She is intoxicated with the world.

One day, she went to  Rosedown Woods.  That day, she was
quite tired.  Many things race on her mind, the coming trip,
the Social link friends, what to cook tonight, the status of their move
to the city except the status of her relationship with the Lord.

As she was veering off, she noticed a queer sound of the brakes.
There you go!  The car just fly towards a metal pole.  Her face hit the
steering wheel and she bled profusely from the nose.  Still conscious,
she felt excruciating pain on her breast!  She could hardly breathe.
Then she remembered to call, "Jesus, help me!"

The ambulance came, she was hallucinating but she could still answer
the questions of the paramedic.  Then she asked, "Lord, why me,
I have been devoted to you!"  She remembered that in the past three months,
she was already getting very cold to her prayer, she became a person of
the world, "Drink and be merry for tomorrow you die."

She battled two critical days in the hospital.  She used to shout, "Morphine,
I need it."  The nurse would rush to her with pity for she borrowed a
face from a dog.  Her nose was bruised, her right eye was shut.  On the third day,
she bravely look at the mirror, of which she break into tears!  "Georgie's
puppy looks better than me", she exclaimed.

Jamie and I visited her in the hospital and our hearts were full of compassion.
On the other hand, we are happy now for our friend, Ruby!  She is now
holding again her rosary which she devoutly say two times a day plus
a multitude of prayers for the protection of her family and friends.

Now, Ruby is back with a zing!  She is God's warrior, gentle yet determined.
I have never seen a woman like her---I am glad she is my friend...

All rights reserved:  Maria Cassia Austero

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