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Saturday, May 31, 2014


Real beauty is the joy within you

Every child born on this planet is beautiful. The beautiful innocence of a child is lost as he/she grows older. Innocence makes you beautiful. However good looking you may be, if your mind is tense, if your consciousness is filled with anger, disappointments or negative thoughts, it is visible on your face.
Real beauty is joy, and joy comes from within. Wake up and see that you are innocent like a child. Once we acknowledge that we know very little about ourselves, our lives, then we get back to innocence. The purpose of knowledge is to take you from an ignorant “I don’t know” to a beautiful “I don’t know”. When this shift happens from within, you become the most beautiful person!
Frustration and anger are about the past, and anxieties are about the future. In life, you had so many instances of anxiety and regret. If you are able to shake-off your past and be in the present, you can come back to the innocence of yourself.
Trust, too adds to your beauty. You doubt the goodness of people but you never doubt the bad qualities in them. Understand the nature of doubt. You have come to this world with these qualities of trust. As a child, we have come to this planet with trust. That is why the child is so beautiful. The child is beautiful because of its joy, innocence and trust!
Source: DNA

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