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Wednesday, May 7, 2014


Mano Po

Acknowledgment:  Photo from flickr by www.Mommysaurus75
The Philippines has a colorful history, colonized by the Spaniards
for about 300 years and the Americans for less than a decade.
Yet, the Filipinos has not lost this sense of politeness, in general.

If one visits a rural province even up to this day, one will experience
this wonderful virtue of the Filipinos.  The younger generation
will take the hand of the elderly and pulace it on their forehead
as a sign of respect.  They will say, Mano po!" which means

Whenever a gentleman ride a bus and is seated, he will usually
give his seat to an elderly or to a lady standing near him.  This
is what we call chivalry even in Europe during the olden days.

When one strikes up a conversation and the other person will
talk for hours, the Filipino will just listen and nod his head of approval.
Never will he or she interrupt until they bid goodbye.  It is not a
matter of shyness but politeness to the person speaking.  It may
seem hilarious but it is just merely a polite gesture!

When a young person is in line and there is an elderly person after
him, he will offer his position in the queue.   It is just a matter of

This is a country of about 90 percent Catholic Christians where
"politeness is a virtue."  It is ingrained in the cultural breath
of the people.  It is a normal race just like any other, though
politeness and a sense of humor just pervade in its midst.

Cynthia Abegail

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